Post Tensioning and Pre Tensioning

Pre-Tensioning Method

  • Pre tensioning is one strategy for applying prestress.
  • Ligaments either go through a solitary form or a line of molds for various individuals masterminded end to end and can be joined toward one side to settled port.
  • The ligaments are then tensioned from the settled mooring between an outside free harbor to give the required elastic power in the ligament.
  • The ligaments are then held set up while the solid is poured.
  • At the point when the solid has solidified adequately the finishes of the ligaments are gradually discharged from the ports. The ligaments are limited from picking up their unique length by the advancement of bond worries between the solid and the ligament, and it is these bond focuses on that exchange the compressive worry to the solid.
  • The ligaments are then at long last trimmed off.

Post-Tensioning Method

  • Post-Tensioning is another technique for applying prestress to a solid part.
  • The ligament is set in the right position in the formwork with the deadlock harbor and live end safe haven, through which the ligament passes.
  • The solid is then poured and left to solidify.
  • At the point when the solid has increased adequate quality a jack is appended to the live end port and the ligament worried to the required power. The activity is to be deliberately done as any blunder could disable the basic honesty of the part.
  • The strain compel in the ligament is exchanged to the solid as a compressive power by the responses at the safe havens. The jack is then evacuated.